The Best Place To Play Online Poker

Everybody else probably already knows that gambling in the UK is very safe and untaxed, that’s 100 percent certain. Even, that includes online poker, online casino swiss, live poker, everything. Most US pros, as well as EU pros, came here to escape taxes. You can get it here, in terms of insurance, internet speed and quality of life.

Besides learning that everything else is ok with the UK, there are also inconveniences in playing poker there. One of which has a poor reputation for British cuisine. And there are foreign restaurants everywhere. So, this is not going to be a concern. While there is one issue with PokerStars, there are no issues accessing poker sites too. They’ll bring you on the platform for 7 percent less VIP rewards or so instead of the But the good thing is that because poker is legal, any bank card will work. Both Neteller and Skrill are now operating in the UK.


In terms of searching for a place to stay, EUR 450 to share a single studio space with other people in London will be one of the options or EUR 1100 to have your own one bedroom apartment. Yet you also have other choices such as Liverpool, Nottingham and Leeds or even outside England like Ireland and Scotland.


Security is not a concern because, as in the US, CCTV is built on every street corner, and they do have their own version of 911 for their fast emergency services. Expats do have the right to get the free healthcare system they got there. So, if you’re planning to stay there for a long time, you should start with the regular visitor visa for each trip that you can see on their government website that has 1-10 years stay or 6 months validity. So after 10 years, if you decide to live in the UK and play poker for ever, you should apply now.